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Build Brighton is Brighton’s hackspace – a communal workshop and collective of makers, designers, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists and hackers who love to build stuff. Learn more →

Photo by Natalia Buckley, used with permission.

Our 1300sqft workshop has a wide range of tools and equipment for wood and metalworking, electronics and crafts, including two 40W laser cutters, a Myford lathe and a RepRap 3D printer. Our equipment →

Photo by tubmcfun, used with permission.

We don’t make a profit – we’re run entirely by volunteers, and our membership fees go towards paying our rent, covering expenses and buying new equipment. Join us →

Photo by Toby Cole, used with permission.

We have open evenings every Thursday – come along and find out more about us! We also run workshops on a variety of subjects including soldering, electronics, Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. Events →

Photo by Colleen Slater/Brighton Science Festival, used with permission.

Get in touch! We’re a friendly bunch, and you can contact us via Twitter, Facebook, IRC, email, our Google Group and even a “tel-e-phone”. Contact us →

Photo by Seb Lee-Delisle, used with permission.


Build Brighton is a communal workshop and collective of makers, designers, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists and hackers.

Our main purpose is to provide tools and a space in which our members can gather, collaborate and learn from each other. We also run workshops on subjects ranging from soldering to sewing machines.

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Membership of Build Brighton is on a “pay-what-you-can” basis, with the average subscription being £20 per month.

Our members have 24 hour access to a 1300 square foot workshop and full use of its equipment – including laser cutters, a Myford lathe, a 3D printer and tools for electronics, crafts, wood and metalworking.

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Blog posts from our members

  • Electronic board game – time to start shouting about it? April 9, 2014Chris Holden

    We’ve been busy working on our electronic board game and maybe it’s time we started talking to a few people to see if there’s any interest in taking it beyond our current one-off-prototype stage. So far, all the hardware works perfectly, but we’ve stil…

  • BuildBrighton door entry system update April 5, 2014Chris Holden

    Our new door entry system at BuildBrighton went live on Thursday night. It not only looked great, but worked a treat too.We were happily giving out new keyfobs to all our members, and recording the RFID numbers as they displayed on the screen. Entering…

  • Progress Reports April 3, 2014Justin Nel

    An online friend @skyberrys asked on Twitter a very interesting question. Hey Maker friends, how frequently do you share progress reports? I thought that the 140 character limit on Twitter was a bit too short to form a reply, on top of which I thought it was a very interesting question so thought it was worth turning ...

  • Electronic board game – almost ready for testing March 26, 2014Chris Holden

    Maybe Steve had a point. He said we should forget about making a CNC pick-n-place and just get some board game sections made up, to prove everything works as it should. Of course, there’s no way we’re going to give up on a CNC – not least until it’s mo…

  • RFID door entry enclosure March 22, 2014Chris Holden

    Steve has done a fantastic job of the enclosure for our new door entry system. We’re using one of the ABS enclosures kindly donated by Nathan a few months back. The first thing to sort out was where the LCD display should fit. Given the shape of the en…

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