Our Equipment

We have a wide range of tools and equipment in the workshop for wood and metalworking, electronics and crafts.

The following tools are all available for members to use:

  • 2 x 40W CO2 Laser cutters*
  • Myford metal-turning lathe*
  • CNC router*
  • RepRap 3D printer
  • Mig welder*
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Chop saw
  • Horizontal and vertical bandsaws
  • Bench scroll saw
  • Bench grinders and disk, cylinder and belt sanders
  • Pillar drills & bits
  • Hand saws, power saws & power drills
  • Hammers, spanners, screwdrivers, files, clamps & vices
  • Soldering-stations & related tools
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Logic analyzer
  • PCs & printers
  • Cables, components and consumables
  • Various devices to hack apart

* The laser cutters, metal-turning lathe, welder and CNC are subject to an additional one-off training fee, which goes towards paying for the initial cost of the equipment. Due to the high cost of replacing consumable parts in the laser cutters, there is also a per-hour usage charge of £1. Use of the 3D printers is charged by the final print weight, this helps cover maintenance costs.

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