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Non-RFID poker cards printed and cut

Here they are, in all their printed glory!The only thing we may need to adjust is the spacing and size of the dots on the border(s). Only because at the minute, cutting is absolutely critical (we’re going to put the cards into a fixed-size holder, and … Continue reading

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Non-RFID poker cards update

Just prior to printing and cutting our newly designed poker cards for our non-RFID poker table, Nick from Custom Stuff contacted us with another (better) idea.The face cards were ready to print, but the black outlined circles got in the way, if we want… Continue reading

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Playing cards with binary dot values

By placing 5 LDRs in a line, and flashing a different coloured RGB LED onto the face of a card, we’re hoping to read the numerical value and the suit of the card using our PIC microcontroller.The numerical value of the card can be displayed as a 4-bit … Continue reading

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New poker card design

After spending hours last night updating and re-writing their printing routines, Nick from Custom Stuff emailed over some print previews of playing cards with coloured boxes in each corner, according to our latest ideas.In short, some of them looked ho… Continue reading

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Non-RFID playing cards update

It didn’t take long before we started getting emails about our last post, outlining colour combinations to identify each individual card in a deck of 52 playing cards.The messages went something like “you’ve got lots of repeated patterns – that’ll neve… Continue reading

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Poker table – without RFID

Here’s an idea we had quite some time ago, while proposing ideas for the HackLlan show-and-tell session in November last year. It was for a poker table which could read cards without using expensive RFID hardware.Well, at BuildBrighton we’re talking ab… Continue reading

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Digital Scalectrix Controller

For the up-coming Dublin Mini MakerFaire, the guys at BuildBrighton have come up with a brilliant idea – Scalexercise. It’s a Scalectrix, hooked up to exercise equipment. The harder you exercise, the faster your car goes around the track!To get the bal… Continue reading

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Nerd Club is back in Brighton!

(Well, Hove Actually). In fact, it’s been a busy couple of months and we’ve not really had time to do much nerding about. What with travelling the length of the country and back a few times in March, to find somewhere to live, then again to actual… Continue reading

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Making the reader PCB

With the pcb design drawn out (check out that trace routing!) it’s time to have a go at making a circuit board. Each cube location (there are four in total) has five pins. Four of which are simple digital inputs and one a serial comms input pin.Four lo… Continue reading

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