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Progress Reports

An online friend @skyberrys asked on Twitter a very interesting question.

Hey Maker friends, how frequently do you share progress reports?

I thought that the 140 character limit on Twitter was a bit too short to form a reply, on top of which I thought it was a very interesting question so thought it was worth turning into a blog post. Continue reading

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Playing with Scalable Vector Graphics and CSS3

I haven’t been posted often enough this year! Let’s get out of that bad habbit by starting with some of the things I have been working on. Currently I am thinking of making some further tweaks to my web site, as I am still not really happy with it yet ( I won’t go into full detail though ). Anyway, as an excuse to improve my knowledge around CSS3, I thought I would try my hand Continue reading

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Furniture design with OpenSCAD

In my last blog post I started to show off something I threw together in OpenSCAD in a few minutes, and I have been playing around with the application a bit more since then. So I had a rough idea in my head of some furniture I wanted to build to improve my bedroom, and since I haven’t touched a CAD application in quite a while, doing it in code just makes sense to me. Continue reading

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I have not really had a chance to start blogging anything recently as I have been too busy with Christmas, New Year and being back at work (with a lot of things going on). I am planning on posting up some more blog posts around a load of JavaScript I have been working on, and once things settle a bit more, I will do some more electronics posts! Continue reading

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Teardown of Poundland Solar Lantern

Today I was in Poundland just generally looking around for some toys for my mother’s dog, as after visiting for Christmas I noticed he had destroyed all of his toys and needed some new ones. While I was in the store, I noticed they were selling a Solar powered garden lantern, which states that that it automatically turns on at dusk. For £1, I couldn’t resist taking one home to break apart and have a look inside. Continue reading

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Improvements for XP500 Headphones

A little over a year ago, I treated myself to a nice gaming headset. I did a little bit of research and found a pair that were all that I could ever want and their sound was apparently really good (as far as reviews went), with a bonus that I am able to apply voice filters. So I purchased a Turtle Beach XP500 wireless headset, and absolutely loved them, and still do today. Continue reading

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Making Electronics Is Risky

Just as the title says, it’s really a risk business. Granted that I have only been making (to sell) my own kits for a very short period of time, I have learned a lot in a short period of time. It all comes down to risk. The first kits I made were the “Soldering is Easy” flower badges that I made for Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. Continue reading

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New Batch of Flower Badges

There was some delay due to postal problems with ChinaPost, but after some persistence I eventually got more of my flower badges in stock! Continue reading

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Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013

I had a great time at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire today.

We unfortunately sold out of the Soldering Is Easy kits, and not everybody got to build one. I will however be making more of the flower badges, as well as a variety of others. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a kit. Unique kits, collaborative designs and customisations are available for bigger orders. Contact me for futher details. Continue reading

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A New Blog

Due to popular request, I have decided to add a mini blog to my website so I can keep people up to date with what I am working on! As and when I am working on new projects, or have something I feel is worth sharing with the world, I will be adding another post. Continue reading

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