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#BuildBrighton – Printing in 3D

I’ve been pretty dismissive of 3D printers, chiefly because I view them as complex, fiddly, erratic, temperamental and inelegant machines.If you want a lumpy thimble made very, very… very slowly they are perfect.If you want anything even moderately u… Continue reading

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One-Direction bot

Build Brighton is a top place, full of electric lasers and 3D, but it’s an absolute sod to find.So I decided to add a little bit of trim (or flare as they might say in “Office space” ) to the inconspicuous BB doorbell.A quick measure, and a few minutes… Continue reading

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Fake Plastic Trees…

So, for a bit of light relief I bought a few of Justin’s LED Christmas tree kits.

I think the original idea was to have a relatively easy kit to put together on Saturday workshops in the run up to Christmas, but they seem to have become quite popular with all manner of folk.

Anyway, the kit is based around a couple of well made pcbs, a bag full of components, and the simple instruction that +ve is UP.
It took about 10 mins to solder all the bits together, and with a huge amount of satisfaction over the end result.

Justin and his Christmas tree kits can be found here:
The Build Brighton Christmas workshops will be running each Saturday from 30th November to 21st December from 10am – 2pm. Entrance is completely free. Kits are priced between £2 and £5.

#BuildBrighton can be found here:

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The Strandebeest model I ordered on ebay arrived, and I’ve put it together. Great value for just £7.98.
I reckon they must have lots of surplus stock as these kits usually cost about £40.

I put it together this morning, and am delighted.

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Daring Fireball shooter XL5

Unortunately last week I found that the spiders seemed to have eaten all the electronic magic from the old 70′s transistors and gubbins in my old Hacker radio, and after an hour of poking about with a multimeter I decided to remove the old stuff and re… Continue reading

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Real Hacker

Before all the nonsense with Angelina Jolie pretending to be a computer nerd (seriously), and our Colonial Cousins making up stuff about inventing computers at a model railway club… the  name Hacker was synonymous with Radios… The Hacker broth… Continue reading

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I managed to get the little Jansen style walker up and running on radio control. Probably overloaded the central supports with a huge 5 cell AA Nicad pack, and 7 channel Rx… and indeed it did “realign” the gears, which caused a bit of skipping. Howev… Continue reading

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Voice changer

I’ve won an ebay auction for a Dalek Voice changer helmet, £13 for some basic dalek sounds, which I can shove in my Dalek, seems like a bargain.

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more legs

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I rebuilt the servo mounts and everything seems sort of sorted. There’s lots of flex due to the wonky gears, but it seems to move. I think i need to add some tension springs to keep the legs pointing in the right direction, they get easily deflected. … Continue reading

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