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Worthing… again

Last weekend I visited the Brighton mini maker Faire, and met  lot of old friends, whom I hadn’t seen for ages. There was a Robot fighting event going on in Worthing over the weekend, and it all managed to inspire me to dig out some robot bits, an… Continue reading

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mounting wheels

This is our sumo bot which runs 2 wheel drive, but is a 4 wheeled bot.The spare corners just have a simple axle running through the wheel .. in this case to stay under 3 kg for sumo rules it’s just a bit of 12 mm nylon pneumatic tubing Continue reading

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well it’s taken a long time.. but I’ve finally got round to fixing things. I dallied briefly with the old heavyweight carrot, and ran it in the FRA championship, and remembered why I enjoyed playing with feathers so much. They are small and easy to car… Continue reading

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Modelworld update

The gearbox repairs went ok, and even with desperate amounts of slack in the system, Metahammer ran ok.. well sort of..The new batteries mad ea big difference, giving us plenty of zip, and powering along enough to push scorpion jnr and pillow torque….. Continue reading

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Model World 2006

Here’s Meathammer with its scoop sitting on the bench charging quietly before some “football”and here we are in the air after being shunted by KR3.We failed the assualt course miserably, too much slide and spin.. cutting in the dual rate helped.. but t… Continue reading

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ready for action

Just put the finishing touches to MeathammerThe whole setup works quite well.. I’m off to modelworld to run it through it’s paces a couple of times.The weak bits look to be the drive shafts, which I’d like to bulk up to at least 20mm and have some be… Continue reading

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killercarrot 2005-12-10 18:28:00

The electronise speedos fit quite nicely, and there’s plenty of room for the 4QD’s if I choose to swap over. I’ve run it up at 12v and 24v, and it sounds a helluva lot better at 24v. The motors are cheap 12v jobbies, so overvolting them to 24v may get… Continue reading

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killercarrot 2005-12-05 21:44:00

Ok I went the easy route and trimmed down the plastic housings and araldited them to the cages. the motors mount up ok, and I’ve given each of them a test run and they all seem to run smoothly.The next step is to wire in the speed controllers. I have t… Continue reading

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New featherweight

This is the new chassis for our next featherweight project. It’s 50×25 2mm ERW . The lumps on the inside are the gearbox cages from 4 cordless drill motors, there’s a copper bush through the chassis and the shaft is circlipped on the wheel side. If I c… Continue reading

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Here’s a photo of K3, the undocumented and underappreciated replacement for Killercarrot2. The 25mmx3mm box chassis was designed around a 100×125 16bar ram, T type axles, a pair of CIM2 motors balanced at 36v, and Pro 120 speed controllers. The regulat… Continue reading

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