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Making a digital board game from paper and copper tape

Earlier tests proved successful, but actually making our board game modules is still a bit fiddly (and, let’s not pretend, about a quid – ok, 96p – more expensive than it needs to be!). So this time, we tried a design whereby the base of the board woul… Continue reading

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Simplifying the digital board game

We’ve had our silkscreen made, and got a working prototype for a board game “module” with shift registers, leds and printed circuit board – but there’s something that feels a little uneasy about the whole manufacturing process – it’s very long winded, … Continue reading

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Artwork for screen printing PCBs

Since we got back from Berlin (after a two-day drive on each leg of the journey, and a total of 1,500 miles there and back) we’ve been giving lots of thought to silkscreen printing for making lots of PCBs.We’ve gone back-and-forth with numerous designs… Continue reading

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Making through-hole LEDs from SMT versions

Often when people make the move from through-hole components to SMT, there’s no going back. Why bother with all that messy drilling and flipping boards over and soldering and trimming legs, when you can simply plop a miniaturised component onto the boa… Continue reading

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