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Making a digital board game from paper and copper tape

Earlier tests proved successful, but actually making our board game modules is still a bit fiddly (and, let’s not pretend, about a quid – ok, 96p – more expensive than it needs to be!). So this time, we tried a design whereby the base of the board woul… Continue reading

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New poker card design

After spending hours last night updating and re-writing their printing routines, Nick from Custom Stuff emailed over some print previews of playing cards with coloured boxes in each corner, according to our latest ideas.In short, some of them looked ho… Continue reading

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Poker table – without RFID

Here’s an idea we had quite some time ago, while proposing ideas for the HackLlan show-and-tell session in November last year. It was for a poker table which could read cards without using expensive RFID hardware.Well, at BuildBrighton we’re talking ab… Continue reading

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