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I managed to get the little Jansen style walker up and running on radio control. Probably overloaded the central supports with a huge 5 cell AA Nicad pack, and 7 channel Rx… and indeed it did “realign” the gears, which caused a bit of skipping. Howev… Continue reading

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Voice changer

I’ve won an ebay auction for a Dalek Voice changer helmet, £13 for some basic dalek sounds, which I can shove in my Dalek, seems like a bargain.

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Heads up

I’ve cut some temporary “solar panels” out of MDF until I can get round to cutting some aluminium, or maybe some of lexan I have littering my cellar.Anyway, primer coat has been applied, sanded, and a second coat added… I might spray them with a top … Continue reading

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Getting waisted

I’m amazed the grey paint I used on the skirts about 8 years ago is still ok, and have added a coat to the waist section. Silver spray on the band, and some mesh from Wickes.Next step is to paint the “solar panels” and fit them. Continue reading

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Return of the Dalek

I started building this Dalek so long ago I can’t even remember when… I think it was probably 2002/3.Since then I’ve had half a Dalek taking up space in my basement, gathering dust. My recent visit to the Brighton mini Maker Faire sparked off a desir… Continue reading

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updated images

This blog wasn’t always here.It started as a frontpage site, on freeserve, then moved to geocities where it got a swanky update when I learned how to use Dreamweaver 2…Blogging wasn’t even called blogging back then, but performed the same function.Th… Continue reading

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