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SVG to g-code. Now we’re getting there!

Using a different coloured dot as our origin marker works perfectly!And the great thing is, by changing the multiplier (at the minute we’re using 25.4/90 to convert an image at 90dpi into millimetres) we can output our g-code in any units that the cnc … Continue reading

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Inkscape makes complex SVG files

Now we’ve got a working SVG-to-GCode converter working, it’s time to think about calibrating the CNC machine. So we drew a simple grid of dots, spaced 0.1″ apart (standard breadboard distance) and saved the SVG before running through our gcode generato… Continue reading

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Parsing Inkscape SVG files to create g-code

Here’s a screenshot of our first test – and it’s all looking rather encouraging!I actually got the generate g-code (after parsing the SVG file and applying modifiers) to match the positioning of the objects in Inkscape – in the example above, you can s… Continue reading

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Making NC drill files and GCode from a PDF (via Inkscape)

Mach3 is a serious bit of kit. There are options and settings for everything!Which a lot of people would be really pleased with. Just like Eagle is the de-rigueur PCB layout software, because it’s so configurable. But here at Nerd Towers, we’re no… Continue reading

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