Board Meeting Minutes 2012-07-02

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Toby Cole, Matt Edwards, Chris Holden, Emma O'Sullivan, Mike Pountney




1. Discuss Build Brighton Ltd and existing processes (eg, trusted members, keyholding, membership)

2. Discuss missing processes: membership database/info, membership induction, equipment training, grievance procedure

3. Finances: current status

4. Health and safety / liability / insurance

5. Divvying up responsibilities


1. Discuss Build Brighton Ltd and existing processes

1.1 History and structure of Build Brighton Ltd

Returning board members briefed new board members on the history of Build Brighton Ltd – formed in 2009 as a limited company, with Emily Toop, Mike Pountney and Toby Cole as directors. Barney Livingstone later replaced Emily Toop as a director.

Accounts are processed annually by NLD Accountancy, who are also the company's registered address.

Build Brighton Ltd has an article of association, that is publicly available to view on request to Companies House.

The heater in the main area of the hackspace belongs to the landlord, not to Build Brighton.

1.2.a Trusted memberships (current process)

Members of Build Brighton may become “trusted members” and become eligible to possess their own key to the hackspace. The decision on whether a member can become a trusted member (also known as a “keyholder”) is decided by vote, with more than 50% positive vote required. Trusted members must provide their full name, address and phone number to be kept on file. Only trusted members of Build Brighton can possess their own keys to the hackspace.

1.2.b Trusted memberships (changes to process)

If a member wishes to become a trusted member, they must provide Build Brighton Ltd with their phone number and evidence of their address in the form of a photocopy of their ID (eg, passport, driving license or bank card) that can be kept on file. This process will not be backdated (it will only apply to members wishing to become trusted members after 2/7/12). This decision was reached to try to enable more members to become trusted members of the hackspace by reducing the risk involved in increasing the number of members who are eligible to possess their own keys.

1.3.a Membership tiers (current process)

All members of Build Brighton Ltd must pay a monthly subscription. The standard monthly subscription cost is £20. Members can request to pay a discounted subscription of £10 per month at the discretion of the board. In exceptional circumstances, the board may grant permission for members to pay a lower monthly subscription cost or waive the monthly subscription cost for a period of time, but this permission may be revoked at any time.

1.3.b Membership tiers (changes to process)

The introduction of a possible £5 per month subscription tier for “supporters” of the hackspace was suggested, but based on knowledge of this practice at other hackspaces (eg London Hackspace) the board currently believes that the negative repercussions of this would outweight any possible extra income to Build Brighton.

2. Discuss missing processes

2.1 Monthly financial mailout

In the interest of openness and transparency, the board will start publishing the current financial status of Build Brighton Ltd to the members' mailing list ([email protected]) on a monthly basis. Owner: TBD

2.2 Data protection

In a bid to make data about our members more secure, Mike will be registering Build Brighton Ltd with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

2.3 Member's Agreement

In order to help ensure that the hackspace is a safe environment for all members, a Member's Agreement will be introduced that all members of Build Brighton will be required to agree to. This Agreement must be agreed to by all current and future members of Build Brighton in order for them to retain their membership privileges. The Agreement will cover issues such as acceptable conduct, safe working practices when using equipment and machinery, advice and frameworks for reporting grievances, etc. The Agreement will not be a legal document and is not intended to act as a “waiver”. Rather, its purpose is to help ensure that all members of the hackspace have the right to be treated with respect and to ensure that the hackspace is a safe and healthy environment.

2.4 Use of tools and machinery – Do Not Hack!

Members should not hack tools or machinery that belong to Build Brighton. This includes: tools that have been purchased by funds from Build Brighton Ltd; tools that have been purchased with pledges offered by members of Build Brighton for the express purpose of purchasing that tool for the use of all hackspace members; tools on permanent or temporary loan to Build Brighton from current or past members; etc. This is to ensure that tools retain their value – there is no point in people clubbing together and buying a piece of kit only for someone to come along and hack it into something that is less useful to the group as a whole.

2.5 Training sessions for the RepRap and the potential new Myford lathe

The board would like to introduce training sessions for the RepRap and – if purchased – the Myford lathe. These sessions would be chargeable. In the case of the RepRap, the aim would be to pay back monies leant to buy the RepRap through the fees charged for training sessions. In the case of the lathe, the fees charged for the training sessions would go to Build Brighton Ltd, but the training fees would be waived for members who initially pledges monies towards the lathe. The training could be offered to non-members of the hackspace in order to provide supplementary income to Build Brighton.

2.6 “What is this” labels for kit

We would like to introduce “what is this?” labels for tools and machinery in the hackspace, based on the utility of these labels at Nottinghack. They will provide information on what the tool is, what it is for, basis safety information, and a list of people who know how to use it and are willing to train others to use it.

3. Finances: current status

3.1 Regular income

Approximately £850-£900 per month from membership subscriptions

3.2 Debts

An electric bill of approximately £600 that has been accumulating since Build Brighton moved into its current warehouse at Rodhus.

Monies owed to members who leant funds to buy the laser cutter and the 3D printer. There is a record of monies owed for the laser cutter here:

3.3 Upcoming expenses

An accountancy fee of £300 for the tax year 2011-2012 that is due within the next couple of months.


Costs for installing heating for the winter.

4. Health and safety / liability / insurance

4.1 Insurance

Public workshops at the hackspace are currently covered by insurance from the Brighton Mini Maker Faker 2011. This insurance is due to expire within the next month or two, and due to changes in circumstances we are not able to renew the insurance under the previous conditions.

The current insurance only covers public liability for public workshops – it does not provide individual insurance cover for members should they injure themselves in the hackspace.

We are currently looking into insurance options to replace our current policy when it expires.

4.2 First Aid

We have an accident book in the kitchen. If a member or a visitor injures themselves in the hackspace they must record the incident in the accident book.

We do not currently have a first aid box as it has gone missing – we will purchase a replacement as soon as possible. Mike Pountney and Naomi Jacobs are first aid trained – Mike is first aid certified, and Naomi is first aid trained but does not have a current first aid certificate.

We will be putting a large sign in the main area with instructions that people can provide in the event of having to call out the emergency services – eg, instructions on the quickest route into the hackspace, our full address etc. Owner: TBD

We will be putting a sign in the kitchen above the first aid box (when it is replaced) and the accident book. Owner: TBD

4.3 Health and Safety

We will be putting up more fire door signs so that a sign is visible from all parts of the hackspace. Owner: TBD

The landlord is providing us with a heat detector for the workshop area.

5. Divvying up responsibilities

All board members will be responsible for picking up enquiries to the [email protected] email address and for forwarded enquiries on to the best person to deal with them.

The phone number for Build Brighton will be directed first to a telephone that will be installed in the hackspace so that any members present may answer it. If the phone in the hackspace isn't answered it will redirect to Mike Pountney.

Chris Holden and Mike Pountney will be responsible for checking membership subscriptions on a regular basis.

Emma O'Sullivan will be responsible for sending out the Build Brighton newsletter on a regular basis.

Outstanding issues to be discussed at next meeting:

Storage policies – how much stuff are members allowed to store in the hackspace?

Membership sign-up – the board would like to simplify the sign-up process and provide options to make paying subscriptions easier for members.

Dates and regularity of board meetings - to discuss.