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Regular Events

Open Nights

  • Every Thursday from 8pm at Rodhus Studios (access is via Freehold terrace BN2 4AB, off Hollingdean Road, Brighton (there may be a few people there earlier but tours for prospective & new members start after 8pm)
  • Go to the left hand door in the roller shutter (to the left of the wooden doors about a third of the way from the north-east end) and press the bell.
  • BuildBrighton's weekly build nights are designed to bring the community together to work on projects collaboratively and to provide an environment to share knowledge and skills, and to have a beer or two with friends.

3d Printing group

  • Every fourth Tuesday from 7pm
  • An opportunity for anyone interested in 3d printing to get together.

Upcoming Events


Past Events

Art and Chat

  • 11th June 2014
  • An informal meeting where artists present ideas, works, half baked notions, interests, questions, etc. to share and get feedback from other people.
  • Brazilian hackers and hackerspace conference call
  • Bio-Hacking

Food Science Sunday

The last Sunday of each month we were gathering to discuss interesting cooking techniques, often with demonstrations from Buildbrighton Members. More info

Brighton Science Festival Workshops

  • 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar 2011
  • For this years Brighton Science Festival, we're running a series of workshops designed to help build up the skills needed to create your own electronics projects - from simple soldering, through an introduction to electronics, leading up to microprocessor programming.
  • The workshops will be running each Saturday during the festival - 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar. Spaces are limited, so please see the project page for information on booking.

Cupcake Hackathon

  • When? Saturday the 15th of January 2011
  • What? Try to post a cupcake 1000 miles, more details on the Cupcake Hackathon page

Light Brigade IR Badge Board and Soldering Workshop

  • 30th October 2010
  • For the White Night 2010 celebrations in Brighton, we ran a soldering workshop for drop-in folk to make an interactive IR & RGB LED badge, that senses the presence of other badges in its vicinity and shares colours between the devices. And Zombies.

Live Coding Workshop

  • Thursday the 13th of May, 2010.
  • This workshop will introduce the use of the cross platform, open source audio programming language Supercollider. Its use as a live coding system will be explored after a short introduction to how musicians, scientists and artists use this environment in their work.

Robot Takeover & Therething

  • 30th October 2009
  • Robot Takeover was a fund raising event for BuildBrighton which took place at Komedia. It consisted of talks, demonstrations and live coding performances. The evening ended with the presentation of the digital pseudo-theremin (Therething) designed and made by BuildBrighton to the electronica DJs Evil Nine.