Laser Cutter rules, costs and management

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  1. Become a member of BuildBrighton
  2. Pay £50 and get trained, more information on Laser Training Here.
  3. When you are trained enter you name here.
  4. Make sure an experienced Laser Operator is around for the first couple of times you use the Laser or until you are fully competent.
  5. When you have finished, clean up the machine (if you've been cutting as opposed to engraving) - i.e. the honeycomb and inside the base - so it is free of bits of material. Please clean soot off the base (this applies especially if you cut ply or MDF).
  6. Fill out the Laser Log Book (there is a sheet by the cutters)or here.
  7. Fill out the material guide here for all undocumented settings.
  8. Never cut Vinyl or PVC.
  9. Use the Laser safely and treat it with respect at all times.


£50 For the training for this cool tool that can and will save you lots of time.