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As of 18 October 2014, this page is obsolete and is not being updated. Please see the Build Brighton Member System for up-to-date details of lathe users.

There is a £25 induction fee for using the Myfold metal-turning lathe, which covers the lathe's maintenance costs and paying off the initial Lathe Pledges.

The following people have paid the induction fee

  • Mike Pountney (*)
  • Toby Cole
  • Matt Edwards
  • Jason Hotchkiss
  • Steve Anderson
  • Samuel Wright
  • Mike Penwolf
  • Emma O'Sullivan
  • James Heath
  • Will Harley
  • Stephen Cropp
  • Steve Carpenter
  • Jack Lang
  • Ashley Huxley
  • Jed Harwood (*)
  • Matt Harris
  • Alexander Sallons

People marked with a (*) are confirmed to actually know how to use the lathe / have received training :)