Lathe rules, costs and management

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  1. Become a member of BuildBrighton
  2. Pay £25 and get trained, one day there will be more information on Lathe Training Here.
  3. Observe safety rules - Use eye protection and have no loose clothing, hair, jewelry etc.
  4. When you are trained enter your name here.
  5. Make sure an experienced Lathe Operator is around for the first couple of times you use the Lathe or until you are fully competent.
  6. When you have finished, clean up the machine and the floor so it is free of swarf and cutting fluid.
  7. Please fill out the Lathe Log Book (may be a paper sheet attached to the back some day!). here.

Use the Lathe safely and treat it with respect at all times.
Mr. Lathe is a dangerous machine!
You want to keep all your fingers.


£25 For the training. Please also be prepared to pay for any damaged cutting tools etc.