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There are various templates on the wiki.
This page will be used to introduce all templates and give usage instructions.

What is a template ?

A template is a sort of macro that runs various instructions when run.
A template when called will incert/run pre-defined instructions.

How to use a template

To use a template all you need to do is add the template name on the wiki page where it is to be used. An example of this is {{help}} makes the page part of the help category.

Current templates

Template Function
{{bb}} Displays BuildBrighton
{{header}} This adds the __NOTOC__ & __NOEDITSECTION__ which turns off the table of contents and edit sections
{{events}} Adds the events category.
{{group}} Adds the Projects & Group Projects Categories.
{{help}} Adds the help category
{{individual}} Adds the Projects & Individual Projects Categories
{{links}} Adds the links category
{{projects}} Adds the projects category