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These are the parts we used for the protoype. For the next version there will be the option of using an PCB with the Ardiuno integrated into the design.

The ultrasound sensors are URM37's, which have a built in processor that handles the timing of the ultrasound reflections. This allows our code to be much simpler as we simply ask the sensor for the distance in CM.

The crimp connectors are optional as you can just solder all the cables on. This will make the assembly a little more fiddly, but will save a few quid (especially if you don't already have a crimping tool).

The LCD display can be any 20x4 display that uses the HD44780 protocol.

Nano Based Supplier Part no. Quantity
Arduino Nano Arduino Nano 1
Ultrasonic sensor URM37 Ultrasonic sensor 2
Capacitor 100nF Farnell 1469310 5
Capacitor 100uF Farnell 1165517 2
Resistor 4K7 Farnell 9339540 1
Resistor 220R Farnell 9339299 1
Pot 10K Farnell 1141649 1
Midi socket Farnell 1193819 1
Power Socket Farnell 1216726 1
24 way header Farnell 1593425 4
10 way crip housing Farnell 1593513 6
2 way crimp housing Farnell 1593506 3
4 way crimp housing Farnell 1593508 1
6 way crimp housing Farnell 1593510 2
Crimp Terminal Farnell 1593529 100
tri colour LEDs Farnell 1168572 ? 8
NPN Transistor Farnell 9558551 4
Resistor 100R Farnell 4
Resistor 510R Farnell 8
Rotary Encoder 1
LCD Display 1
Case Steve 1