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Hello, I am Barney Livingston.

I was a founding member and director of Build Brighton until I moved to Bristol in October 2011. I am now a director of Bristol Hackspace.

I first picked up a soldering iron aged about 10 or 11. I used to assemble kits from Maplin with help from my Dad, back in the day when Maplin sold a huge range of cheap kits.

My first successful project was a light controlled chicken house door which let the chickens out at dawn and locked the foxes out at dusk.

Nowadays I earn my crust as a Linux systems administrator while tinkering with electronics at home.

My main areas of interest are home automation, sensing things of all kinds, and photography.

I'm very good at starting projects, terrible at finishing them.

Me Elsewhere
My website, now renewed. Project write-ups etc. coming soon.
Flickr, most useful place to look for stuff by me. The Making Things collection contains the most relevant stuff.

Current Projects

  • Upgrading one-wire sensor network to a bunch of AVRs talking RS485
  • Getting AVRs talking to various sensors over i2c, spi and one-wire
  • A high-resolution panning mechanism for timelapse

Potential Projects