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Chris Holden

Chris is a software developer of over 20 years, starting with a ZX Spectrum in the mid-80s (actually a VIC-20 but do they really count?). He started out, professionally, writing automation and logic control for factory systems for companies such as JCB, Cadburys, Hewlett Packard and EuroDisney. He has spent the last two decades either coming up with ideas or implementing existing ideas that have made quite a few people very wealthy. Chris has decided to put his skills to use earning his own fortune but hasn't got very far yet!

During the last few years, Chris has learned how to program PIC microchips using a variety of tools and is in the process of developing some commercial products, which he hopes will earn enough to buy a flat in his adoptive home of Brighton. His first commercial grade microchip device was a chicken counter, to control an automatic chicken coop door, for a farmer in rural France.

Chris loves writing games in Flash/Actionscript and has also produced isometric 3d games in C for the GameBoy Advance, as well as a range of games and apps for early adopters of J2ME on mobile phone handsets. He also quite likes Micro$oft technologies even if it's not cool to admit it.

When not cycling along the seafront or tearing past Hove Lawns on his (t)rusty bike, Chris can sometimes be found putting a new roof on his place in France or stuck in traffic on the M6, trying to get back to Cheshire to put in a few days work at Fords of Winsford.

Chris is a member of Brighton Robotics and BuildBrighton and sometimes writes up his development on his Nerd Club blog