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Emily is a software developer who specializes in server side Java applications, although she's also developed in PHP, python, C#, C++ and C. She is currently working for a software house in Brighton supplying Intelligent Network applications to telecoms provider throughout the world, offering number translation services and VOIP teleconferencing.

Her passion, however, is robots. After studying CSAI at Sussex University, and after several years of being too scared to get started, she finally got up the courage last year to start getting involved in robotics. In the intervening months, Emily has built six robots, each steadily getting more complex as she learns. She is currently finishing off her first walking robot and is looking forward to starting her most challenging project yet - a hexapod!

When Emily first started building robots, she hunted around Brighton and the surrounding area for a robotics group to join, so that she could meet other hobbyists and learn from them. After months of searching it became apparent that nothing like it existed, so she started Brighton Robotics, an online group for roboticists, which also meets up to twice a month at The Skiff for hack nights, talks from experienced roboticists and tutorials.

Since starting the group she has discovered a further passion for educating others and inspiring people to get into robotics. She is now concentrating on growing the educational side of Brighton Robotics and working towards bringing tutorials and workshops to BuildBrighton.

Emily was one of the founding members of BuildBrighton and has happily brought many of her members from Brighton Robotics into the BuildBrighton fold. She blogs sporadically on her robot building efforts as robochick.

Tumbler.jpg Turbot Tumbler Sumovore.jpg Sumovore minisumo robot