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Justin Nel

Senior Software Developer, writing code for PC, Web, Mobile Devices such as Symbol's MC9090. Also constantly writing custom print drivers for Toshiba TEC printers, as well as numerous other industrial printers, as to speed up the printing process as well as obtain higher quality prints and improved diagnostics where they previously did not exist. I also write interfaces to numerous hardware devices, ranging from small barcode scanners (USB and Serial alike), to full warehouse sized mail sorting machines. Previously I used to do work for the Military, working with defence satellites.

I would like to get more into the hardware design side of things, hence why playing with electronics, as I want to do a lot more than just write better firmware/drivers/interfaces to devices.

My only current project which I have invested a lot of time and money into, is my completely custom electric motorcycle, which has a completely custom battery charger/meter, completely custom motor controller, and when I get a chance, it will have a custom dashboard HUD system, among other things.

When I get a chance, I'll add some more info to this page...