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==AGM BuildBrighton 11/Aug/2011 ==
==AGM BuildBrighton 11/Aug/2011 ==

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AGM BuildBrighton 11/Aug/2011



  • Income £550 pounds pm from 38 members
  • Expenses £385/mo
  • Bank £2k, new bank account requires people to switch from old standing order
  • Mike requests 3 new Directors, this can be discussed via the mailing list

For discussion:

27th Aug soldering workshop coming, requests for volunteers to help

MakerFaire call for volunteers especially for the end of day 'kick out' time, most of the room put up hands (20ish) to volunteer. Discussion of poster distribution.

FabLab - proposal is for BuildBrighton to rent from Rodhus alongside FabLab (not subsumed into FabLab), Mike is calling for a vote. Roughly £1350 per month inc. rates, this is above current monthly income but we have a bank buffer and FabLab is happy to help promote BuildBrighton to get the ball rolling. All who could vote who were present (20) voted in favour, no votes were against or withheld. The decision is to talk to WiredSussex to arrange moving sooner rather than later.

Hackathon - Matt E has volunteered to stay overnight as at least 1 person has to be here to look after the space, presumably others will also stay over (along with visiting hackerspaces etc).