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We have been donated a Isel GFM4433 CNC router/engraver.


Main Unit

  • ISEL GFM 4433

Driver Board



  • Ferm FBF-6E -- basically the spindle from a £35 Ferm plunge router.
  • 6mm collet

Mikes random notes

  • more flutes, the stronger the tool (typically 2, 3, or 4), but more likely to clog, which can cause snapping

Marks notes

User Guide The cutting tools and collars for the router are located on top of the machine. Everything you need to install the bit is located inside the cabinet of the CNC router.


There is a £25 induction fee for use of the CNC router. See the CNC Router Operators page for a list of people who know their way around the CNC router.