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Group Projects

As a group, BuildBrighton like to have one or more larger projects on the go at any one time, that most of the group can contribute to. These are either for enhancing the hack space directly, or just for the fun of working on a project together (and even in collaboration with other groups). Here are the projects that we are currently discussing:

Swarm Bots Collaborative Project

Brighton Robotics, in conjunction with BuildBrighton, have been asked to put on an event in collaboration with Bristol Dorkbot for the dConstruct conference. The event will be held on Wednesday 2nd September at The Skiff and will consist of an 'exhibition' of members projects plus the unveiling of a new group project that Brigton Robotics and BuildBrighton will have created together. After discussion we have decided to make some Cockroach Swarm Bots.

MAME arcade cabinet

Build a stand-up arcade cabinet housing a dual-player MAME arcade system. Add coin operation to raise revenue, but also an RFID reader so members can get free-play.


We have been asked by Playgroup, local club promoters, to provide a 'sweetner' to perusade electronica djs [Evil Nine] to take part in an event they are promoting. This item is to be a Theremin. We therefore need to design and build a theremin to be presented to Evil Nine on 30th October 2009 at The Komedia (where we will also be hosting the pre-party from 6-10pm).

This is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time, and the results must be professional. Volunteers wanted!

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