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* [[Hot-air rework station]]
* [[Hot-air rework station]]
* [[PCB etching tank]]
* [[PCB etching tank]]
* [[Temperature controlled soldering irons]]

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We have a bunch of tools at BuildBrighton, some donated, some bought for workshops, some for making our lives easier.

If you add a new tool to the wiki, ensure you give it [[Category:Tools]] so it automatically appears here, try to add it to the relevant section below too.

We have a Tool Wish List for adding anything that you wish the hackspace had.

If you're wondering what the status of a key bit of kit is, check out the Major Tool Status page.

Machine Shop & Fabrication




Workshop Tools

Soldering stations

QTY Description Owned By Condition Status
Soldering irons
Helping hands
Desk lamp
Tip cleaner
Solder sucker

Hackers toolkit

QTY Description Owned By Condition Status
Wire strippers
Precision screwdrivers
Bit-change driver.

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