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== Regular Events ==
== Regular Events ==

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Regular Events

Build Nights

  • Every Thursday from 7pm at The Skiff
  • BuildBrighton's weekly build nights are designed to bring the community together to work on projects collaboratively and to provide an environment to share knowledge and skills, and to have a beer or two with friends.

Saturday Hackerday

  • Every Saturday from 12pm until 5pm at The Skiff
  • We aim to open up the space every Saturday afternoon to allow people to use it to work on their own projects. These sessions are intended to be more focussed and less social than the Thursday nights.

Upcoming Events


Past Events

Brighton Science Festival Workshops

  • 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar 2011
  • For this years Brighton Science Festival, we're running a series of workshops designed to help build up the skills needed to create your own electronics projects - from simple soldering, through an introduction to electronics, leading up to microprocessor programming.
  • The workshops will be running each Saturday during the festival - 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar. Spaces are limited, so please see the project page for information on booking.

Cupcake Hackathon

  • When? Saturday the 15th of January 2011
  • What? Try to post a cupcake 1000 miles, more details on the Cupcake Hackathon page

Light Brigade IR Badge Board and Soldering Workshop

  • 30th October 2010
  • For the White Night 2010 celebrations in Brighton, we ran a soldering workshop for drop-in folk to make an interactive IR & RGB LED badge, that senses the presence of other badges in its vicinity and shares colours between the devices. And Zombies.

Live Coding Workshop

  • Thursday the 13th of May, 2010.
  • This workshop will introduce the use of the cross platform, open source audio programming language Supercollider. Its use as a live coding system will be explored after a short introduction to how musicians, scientists and artists use this environment in their work.

Robot Takeover & Therething

  • 30th October 2009
  • Robot Takeover was a fund raising event for BuildBrighton which took place at Komedia. It consisted of talks, demonstrations and live coding performances. The evening ended with the presentation of the digital pseudo-theremin (Therething) designed and made by BuildBrighton to the electronica DJs Evil Nine.