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BuildBrighton Build Nights

Every Thursday BuildBrighton holds build nights. These nights are designed to bring the community together to work on projects collaboratively and to provide an environment to share knowledge and skills, and to have a beer or two with friends. Each build night is themed to different interests, but the night is not restricted to only those subjects and is open to anyone to do anything they like.

The themed nights run monthly as follows:

First Thursday : Cloth and Wire - wearable computing, textile crafts, jewelery making etc.

Second Thursday : Group Projects - an night for working collaboratively on group projects. Our current group project is the Swarmbot project.

Third Thursday : Circuit Bending - taking apart toys and music devices and messing with them to make whacked out noises and cool things happen.

Last Thursday : [Brighton Robotics] - On the last thursday of every month, Brighton Robotics take over the space to hold talks, workshops and robot building sessions.