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BuildBrighton Build Nights

Every Thursday BuildBrighton holds build nights. These nights are designed to bring the community together to work on projects collaboratively and to provide an environment to share knowledge and skills, and to have a beer or two with friends. Each build night is themed to different interests, but the night is not restricted to only those subjects and is open to anyone to do anything they like.

The themed nights run monthly as follows:

First Thursday : Electronic Arts - BuildBrighton goes arty.

Second Thursday : Group Projects - an night for working collaboratively on group projects. Our current group project is the Swarmbot project.

Third Thursday : Circuit Bending - taking apart toys and music devices and messing with them to make whacked out noises and cool things happen.

Last Thursday : [Brighton Robotics] - On the last thursday of every month, Brighton Robotics take over the space to hold talks, workshops and robot building sessions.

Live Coding Workshop

Thursday May the 13th see

Make Do and Mend Workshop

Saturday 20th February 2010, 11am-5pm at Phoenix Brighton, 10-14 Waterloo Place Place, Brighton

Learn to recycle your old unwanted electronics into new exciting bits of interactive technology and subvert traditional art and craft techniques in extreme ways. Working with BuildBrighton (community electronics project) and Conceptual Crafts, this Brighton Science Festival free workshop is suitable for anyone with a taste for making things and adventure. To book a free place email [email protected] Funded by Brighton and Hove City Council through the Transformation Fund: The Learning Revolution

This workshop is now FULL

Christmas Party

Thursday 17th December 2009, 8pm at The Skiff, 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton

It's time to celebrate christmas with a difference. We at BuildBrighton have decided that our delightful little town is just not festive enough and have taken it as our personal mission to liven things up.

At 8pm we shall congregate at The Skiff, the home of BuildBrighton, to drink some beer and make some throwies. Throwies are basically large LED's attached to batteries and magnets. When you bring these things together you get the wonderful combination of lights that last for about 3 weeks that stick to anything metal. We have enough parts to make 300 of these throwies.

When all the throwies are made, probably around 9-9:30, we shall leave The Skiff and descend upon Brighton to decorate whatever we can find by throwing our throwies onto metal things, preferably out of arms reached so they cannot be 'tidied' up. Once we have lit Brighton to the best of our ability, we shall descend to the Fountain Head (or another suitable pub) and salute our aesthetic improvements in proper style.

Anyone can come along and anyone make a throwie - they won't cost you anything. However, if you would like to make a donation to the group then we will be very grateful.

To attend, just show up, but we would be grateful if you would sign up on upcoming first to give us an idea of numbers.