Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance records

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Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance records

This page is used to record what special tips are useful or essential when installing any BB stuff.

It is not an attempt to re-write the manual. It should also explain where materials and resources (like software for laser cutters) is held if this is not obvious.

Major tools in workshop

Red Laser cutter

(This is not finished yet - Samuel)

This tool uses software called NewlyDraw provided by HPC. It is connected by USB to the controlling PC (Windows XP) and requires a dongle to work. If you get a strange chinese error message when you start it, this is probably because the dongle is not plugged in. If the dongle is lost, the software and hence the whole cutter is useless.

Installing NewlyDraw

The software and USB drivers should be in the controlling PC in the folder:

C:\NewlyDraw Copy of Install Files\HPC    [called the HPC directory]

Do not remove the above directory! The actual installed program is in XXXX.

If you have problems such as the machine will only cut a limited number of objects before behaving strangely (stopping or cutting completely the wrong shape) then you may need to uninstall the drivers and NewlyDraw and re-install from scratch.

NewlyDraw has no uninstall - the only way to remove it is to remove the directory XXX and all its contents.

Remove the install directory and contents and then remove the USB driver(S) using the utility YYYY.

{Instruction for this step required}

NewlyDraw is installed by double clicking the Setup.EXE icon in the HPC directory.

Turn on the cutter and connect the cutter usb port to the controlling PC which should start the Add new hardware wizard in XP.

You will need to install the USB drivers for the Philips LPC214 which the cutter appears to emulate. The unpacked drivers are on the PC in the HPC directory as follows:


Tell the wizard to use a specified location and not to search the net. When the Add New Hardware wizard asks for the location of the software specify the HPC directory. You will find that the wizard repeats the process of asking for the CD - just give the HPC directory location again and press OK.

If the USB is unplugged moved or connected via a dongle, this re-install process may be needed.

This because the cutter is seen by Windows as a USB device with no serial number. Such devices initiate a driver re-install every time the connection changes.