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At this time we currently have 2 sets of keys for the Skiff.  The keys are to allow access to the hackerspace outside of normal working hours and at weekends.  If you wish to use the hackerspace at any of these times, please contact one of the keyholders and arrange either to pick up the keys and then drop the keys back when you are done, or to request that the hackerspace is opened for a time.
You can use the hackerspace anytime and for any purpose*, but if you wish to run an event, please inform Jon Markwell of The Skiff that you would like to book the hackerspace on a certain day at a certain time.  This is to ensure that your event does not clash with any other events that may have been booked in.

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  • Emily Toop - email: emily AT emilytoop DOT com; tel: 07768646287; twitter: [@fluffyemily]
  • Unknown

(*) - except to run your (non electronics based) business out of it! If you want to use the Skiff to work on your business, you can become a Skiff Mate which allows you to use the co-working aspect of the building.