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To be a key holder to the hackspace, and hence able to use the space 24x7, you must first be a trusted member.

Current key holders are:

  • Mike Pountney - mikepea on IRC, @mikepea on Twitter.
  • Toby Cole - tubfun on IRC, @tubfun on Twitter
  • Steve Carpenter
  • Matt Edwards
  • Will Harley
  • Tom Warner
  • Naomi Jacobs / Sam Sulkin (shared set)
  • Jason Hotchkiss
  • Steven Cropp
  • Samuel Wright
  • Justin Nel
  • Chris Holden
  • Emma O'Sullivan
  • Chris Hills (@orictosh)

If you need to get access to the space and are not currently a key holder, please get in touch with any of the above to see if they mind opening up the space for you. If you are not yet a trusted member then they will also have to ensure that you are not left unattended in the space.