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* 100%, 8mA 1 pass
* 100%, 8mA 1 pass
=== Wed Dec 7th - Toby ===
* Crêpe paper, 4 layers.
* 100%, 4.5mA 1 pass

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Please add an entry to this page whenever you use the laser, it give us an idea of the problems we're facing with it, when it's used, and just general notes.

Please try to include a rough idea of how long you used it for (laser time, not actual time), and what you did. General free-form text is fine. If you did something cool, mention it, as folk may want to grab SVGs from you.

Add new entries above existing ones.

Sat 25th June - Mike

Laser cut several sheets acrylic - made case for Arduino Mega + BreadBoards, 3x 'jigsaw' Maker Faire logos; gave Laser Training.

30% speed, 100% power, 14mA, 2 passes seems about right for 3mm acrylic.

Laser ran for about 30 mins total I'd say.

Sat 25th June - Toby

Etched Macbook (raster).

Fri 8th June - Toby/Mike

  • Steak Vector cut.
  • First tried at 13mA, 30% speed. Almost cut all the way through
  • Image above was at 11mA, 60% speed.

Fri 18th November - Rev Dave / Rev Neil

  • Laser cut a sheet of Acrylic & a piece of MDF to fix door of Fridge
  • 7mA, 30% Speed. Almost all the way through, finished with Stanley Knife and Grinding Wheel

Tue 29th November - Toby

Black acrylic felt for Moustaches.

Tried cutting with double sided tape on part, absorbed too much of the laser. Worked better with tape on the underside.
  • Two passes at 8mA, 100%.

Off-white paper/thin card.

  • 100%, 8mA 1 pass

Wed Dec 7th - Toby

  • Crêpe paper, 4 layers.
  • 100%, 4.5mA 1 pass