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To be able to use the laser unsupervised, the following must be done:

  • You need to receive basic laser training from a Laser Operator
  • You need to have paid £50 into BuildBrighton's bank accound, Paypal, or cash.

The £50 fee is to help spread the cost of the laser amongst members - please don't consider it as payment for the training (as the training will only take around 30 mins).

You will then be listed on the Laser Operator page, and can use the laser as you see fit. We heavily recommend that you ensure that a knowledgable operator is around when you do your first cuts and engraving - it can be fiddly, and is easy to damage.

The training covers:

  • How not to damage yourself and others:
    • fire control and prevention - how to use the extinguisher.
    • toxic materials - only use known laser safe materials. Never cut vinyl, PVC.
    • ensure room is well ventilated.
  • How not to damage the laser
    • Ensure water running.
    • Ensure air assist running.
    • Monitoring during cuts.
    • How to put out fires.
  • How to turn on the laser
  • How to use the laser
    • Log book
    • Materials knowledge
  • How to use the RetinaEngrave printer driver and software. Ordering and power settings.
  • Very basic Inkscape walkthru: drawing vectors, changing stroke colours, line thickness, Union tool.