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Live Coding workshop with SuperCollider


This workshop will introduce the use of the cross platform, open source audio programming language SuperCollider [1]. Its use as a live coding system will be explored after a short introduction to how musicians, scientists and artists use this environment in their work. SuperCollider will be compared with two other live coding systems, the ixi lang [2] and Impromptu [3].

This 3 ?? hour hands-on workshop will get participants started with audio synthesis in SuperCollider, use of patterns and the just-in-time live coding system.

[1] [2] [3]


A short biography of Thor Magnusson

Thor Magnusson is a musician/writer/programmer working in the fields of music and generative art. Thor is mainly interested in improvisation, live performances, installations and audio software production. He is a co-founder and member of the ixi audio collective. With ixi he has written various musical software and given workshops and talks in key institutions across Europe on the design and creation of digital musical instruments and sound installations.

For further info on ixi, please visit:

Thor has presented and performed in various festivals and conferences, such as Sonar festival, Ertz festival, Transmediale, ICMC (International Computer Music Conference), NIME Conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression), Impact Festival, Soundwaves festival, Cybersonic festival, Ultrasound festival, and Pixelache.


Thursday the 13th of May, 2010.


The Skiff , 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton, BN1 4AB