Meeting Agenda 2011-12-01

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Here's the agenda for our upcoming meeting on Thurs 1st Dec - feel free to add anything in it, or in the talk pages.

* Who wants to be at the general meetings?
* Is 1st Thurs best evening?
* Company structure and management
  - director election process,
  - call for new directors?
  - director responsibility discussion
* Organisational structure and management
  - we have directors purely for legals, not for organisation
  - what roles need to be filled to distribute the admin of the space?
  - membership forms/records
* New workshop ideas, schedule and distribute ownership
  - board games night
  - craft day/night
  - DorkBot
  - Retro games night
  - Food hacking night
  - any others?
* New opportunities
  - institute of physics day
  - science festival workshops
  - hove museum robot exhibit
  - anna's science festival workshop
  - selling kits via mail-order, etc.
* Openness and infrastructure
  - concerns over RFID system patent/transparency
* Processes
  - disposal of old stuff - who is responsible, what do we do?
  - keeping the space tidy
  - membership forms
  - locking up and opening up
* Any other business?