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[[File:Machine.jpg|thumb|right|Here's the beast.]]
[[File:Machine.jpg|thumb|right|Here's the beast.]]
= Touchscree n=
= Touchscreen =
*Manufacturer: Liyitec
*Manufacturer: Liyitec
* Driver board model: A32111
* Driver board model: A32111

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Here's the beast.


  • Manufacturer: Liyitec
  • Driver board model: A32111
  • Panel: p/n 80F4-4300-H0030
  • Connected to J10 (USB)

LCD Panel




  • Power Switch - red/white, also connected to bottom lock/switch on side
  • Top lock switch -
  • Tamper Switch - black/purple, pins 12/13 parallel port

Money Gubbins

All the ccTalk devices are connected to a MAX232 board in the back of the main cabinet. This buffers between the TTL voltages used in ccTalk and the RS232 voltages used in the PC serial. This board’s connected to the only serial port on the external motherboard connectors.

Coin acceptor

  • Model: Money Controls SR5

Coin Hopper

Note acceptor

Software for talking to money gubbins

Toby's writing a bit of software to talk the ccTalk protocol to the serial stuff, hopefully then we'll adapt it to something sensible like OSC or HTTP :)