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'''This page is out of date and the information here might no longer be relevant.''' See the [http://www.buildbrighton.com/blog/join/ becoming a member page].
=='''Subscription Types'''==
=='''Subscription Types'''==

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This page is out of date and the information here might no longer be relevant. See the becoming a member page.

Subscription Types

Support your local hackerspace. BuildBrighton is a not-for-profit community that requires funding to provide a space for hacking, equipment, machinery and tools for the community to use and to provide tutorials and workshops for all.

There are 5 main subscription types, each billed monthly.

  1. Full Subscription - £20 per month. The price for the average member
  2. Student - £10 per month. Slightly less for those in education
  3. Junior - £10 per month for under 18's
  4. Skiff Mate - £10 per month if you are already a Skiff Mate
  5. Poor Hacker - £10 per month if you'd like to pay £20 but you just can't afford it cos you're a poor hacker.

How Can I Pay?

Clicking the links above will take you to the PayPal subscription pages where you can pay with cards or through PayPal. Alternatively you can set up a standing order to the groups bank account.

a/n: 12357763

s/c: 401403

Name: BuildBrighton

Bank: HSBC North St Brighton Branch


If you set up a standing order, can you please inform the group by emailing emily AT emilytoop DOT com.

Why Should I Subscribe?

Remember, your subscription is not just about gaining access to all the cool things that the BuildBrighton provides, it's about having BuildBrighton at all. Please support us so that we can continue working towards providing a community that will benefit everyone and, as a subscribing member of that community, you get a say in the direction that the group takes and the decisions that it makes, so that BuildBrighton is run for you and by you.

What happens to my subscription fee?

BuildBrighton is a not-for-profit community and all your subscriptions will go towards paying for the space and providing equipment, amenities and assets for the group.

As a non-profit organisation, you can also donate to the group. This money will be spent on equipping the space with tools and machinery that will be useful and available to the group as a whole.

What do I get for my subscription?

Your subscription fee entitles you to attend every one of our Thursday night hack events at The Skiff and also grants access to the BuildBrighton workshop 7 days a week.

With your subscription you will get:

  • Attendance for all BuildBrighton Thursday night meetings
  • Access to the hackerspace whenever the The Skiff is open or a key holder can open it.
  • WiFi access and Power
  • Coffee, tea
  • Discounted snacks & pop
  • Use of projector and speakers with space bookings
  • Use of a Mac Mini workstation when you pop in without your laptop
  • Use of a colour laser printer / copier / scanner
  • £10 per day daytime (10am to 6pm) use of the coworking space (Same as Not Yet Mates)
  • £20 per month additional (lockable) equipment and project storage space. We can convert the understairs space into a set of large lockers if there is demand for this.
  • Option to become a Skiff Mate for £10

You can find out more about The Skiff and Skiff Mates on The Skiff website.

As a Skiff Mate you will get these extra facilities:

  • 1 vote in Skiff meetings
  • 10 hours daytime (10am to 6pm) use of the coworking space per month
  • £5 per day extra coworking days

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you would like to cancel your PayPal subscription, you can unsubscribe. If you are subscribing by standing order, you can just cancel that standing order and inform the group by emailing emily AT emilytoop DOT com