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Order History

This page logs significant orders so that:

  • Repeat orders are a bit easier (supplier details and cost recorded)
  • Issues with the stuff ordered can be recorded (e.g. so we can invoke warranty)
  • We know when stuff was ordered and the full history (e.g. frequency of replacement etc)

Laser Cutter

White Laser

Originally obtained via Full Spectrum Laser FSL in Las Vegas USA while the hackspace was at the Skiff. It came with Retinascribe card and retinascribe software for operating the machine.
Contact email: Support, FSL [[email protected]]
Website: http://fslaser.com/

Replacement Laser fitted March 2013. Supplier ??

Replacement Final Mirror fitted after orignal was scratched May 2013. This was bought on ebay by Toby.

Replacement mirrors (3) ordered from FSL 10 July 2013. The mirrors were ordered afte the first mirror was found to be cracked and as a result machine was inoperative.
The mirrors are apparently glass, 2m diameter and coppery reflective surface.

Red Laser

This is an HPC LS 3020 with NewlyDraw software for operating the machine. Bought privately second hand May 2013.