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POV or Persistence Of Vision details can be found here so we will not go over it here.
Jason Hotchkiss has quite a long history of POV related projects such as this and a Bol****s fan trial that lead to this new project.


POV main unit : Jason Hotchkiss
Power System with Data Modulation : Reverend Neil Wakely
GPRS Data Handling : Reverend Dave Wakely

LED Display

11 Sep 2011, Jason: I made the 16-LED RGB array to fit on a vane of the fan. I tried out using flexible copper-clad sheet to keep weight down and get something that will fit snugly to the curve the vane. Read about it here http://hotchk155.blogspot.com/2011/09/home-made-flexible-circuit-boards.html. Next step is to test it out and mount it on the fan.

12 Sep 2011, Jason: And it worked! http://hotchk155.blogspot.com/2011/09/pov-message-fan-project-update.html

LED Display Issues

No Issues Reported

Power System Schematics

In Progress

Power System Issues

In Progress

GPRS Schematics

In Progress

GPRS Issues

In Progress


In Progress

Software Issues

In Progress