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POV or Persistence Of Vision details can be found here so we will not go over it here.
Jason Hotchkiss has quite a long history of POV related projects such as this and a Bol****s fan trial that lead to this new project (this thing stuck to a fan)


POV main unit : Jason Hotchkiss
Power System with Data Modulation : Reverend Neil Wakely
GPRS Data Handling : Reverend Dave Wakely

LED Display

11 Sep 2011, Jason: I made the 16-LED RGB array to fit on a vane of the fan. I tried out using flexible copper-clad sheet to keep weight down and get something that will fit snugly to the curve the vane. Read about it here http://hotchk155.blogspot.com/2011/09/home-made-flexible-circuit-boards.html. Next step is to test it out and mount it on the fan.

12 Sep 2011, Jason: And it worked! http://hotchk155.blogspot.com/2011/09/pov-message-fan-project-update.html