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On this page we can list the good places we know for parts.


The Shop
Why go online, when we've got what yo need?
Our very own Robot Steve's shop - robot kits and servos a speciality.
Arduino and accessories and more.
Freeduino and accessories and more.
General Arduino and Adafruit distributor in the UK. Mention you are from the Brighton Hackspace at he may give you a discount.
YERobot sell various Freeduino bits (cheap Mega!) and other useful robot-like sensors.
Earthshine Design sounds a bit hippy, but it's actually a nice Arduino shop run by Mike from the London Hackspace, and he generally throws in some freebies if you mention you are from another Hackspace.

Lots of good stuff, cheap and quick shipping.
Arduino and shields, kits and more.

Cheep short run PCB fabrication (run by the Sparkfun people)
UK Based PCB fabricator. Averagely priced but for more money can turn around designs very fast.
Chinese based fabricator. Very cheap for runs in the tens of boards region.