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Bought 200 pots for that mixing desk project you never got round to starting? eBay impulse purchases? Massive job lot that seemed such a good idea at the time?

List excess and unwanted components and parts here - they might be just what someone else needs to complete their project.

Items could be offered on a swap, lend, give away or sell basis...

To enter a new item you can use the template provided.


Replace the type with swap / sell / lend / free
Replace Name with your name
Replace Item with the item name
Replace Description with the item description

For an item for sale use :-


Current items listed

60mm Loudspeakers paper cone plastic shell 50ohm 1W
40mm Loudspeakers paper cone 8 ohm 0.1W
Jasonultrasonic movement sensor
Sure electronics ultrasonic movement sensor module (not distance)
JasonLED driver IC
CAT4016 16 channel LED driver (surface mount)
JasonLED driver IC
HT1632C LED matrix driver (surface mount)