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Brighton Robotics, in conjunction with BuildBrighton, have been asked to put on an event in collaboration with Bristol Dorkbot for the dConstruct conference. The event will be held on Wednesday 2nd September at The Skiff and will consist of an 'exhibition' of members projects plus the unveiling of a new group project that Brigton Robotics and BuildBrighton will have created together. After discussion we have decided to make some Cockroach Swarm Bots. These little bots will display the following behaviors in an environment with several bright lights and some shady and covered areas using simple subsumption architecture:

  1. Light Seeking
  2. Obstacle Avoidance
  3. Listening for Loud Noise

If a loud noise is detected the following behavior will subsume the standard:

  1. Light Avoiding (causes bots to scuttle away into darkness)
  2. Obstacle Avoidance (allows bots to avoid each other in their flight)
  3. When in darkest place, stop and wait for random period of time till 'danger' has passed

Assembly Manual

I have designed and produced a manual, showing how the bot is built. Can someone proof read it for me?





There are two sketches provided the first is simply a test load that you can use to check that you have built the robot correctly. The second provides a standard implemntation that can be loaded into many robots for a demo. This sketch can be modified by each builder (to add different timings or a multi-coloured LED for instance).


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