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BuildBrighton's community is not just about the thing that we build, but about the people who build them. By forging links with others who share our passions and interests we can expand our own knowledge while helping others to expand theirs. Also, some people have some great ideas, are working on incredibly cool projects and have some seriously mad skillz.

Members: When you create an account on this wiki you get your very own page, there's a link to it at the top of every page if you're logged in. Click on your name. You can put anything you want there about yourself and your projects. We should keep the entries on this page short though, perhaps one or two sentences, a list of your Special Skills and maybe a photo. Link your name to your user page, see the other entries for examples of how. The idea being that this page is a nice at-a-glance list that people can browse and click for more information.

Emily Toop

Emily is the founder of BuildBrighton and its predecessor Robot Brighton, and driving force in getting the hackspace off the ground. She now takes a backseat role due to other commitments, but still pops up when she can.

Chris Holden

Chris is a software developer, PIC wiz, and our resident electronics trainer.

Toby Cole

Director of Noisy Things of BuildBrighton Limited. He delights in turning things that you would not expect to be a MIDI controller into MIDI controllers.

Mike Pountney

Mike is Director of JFDI of BuildBrighton Limited. He likes to talk about how great BuildBrighton and Hackerspaces are, does a lot of the admin stuff & workshop planning. He likes playing with ATtiny chips, and trying to make cheap (& not-so-cheap) gadgets into Internet Things.

Ian Ozsvald

Ian has been hacking with hardware on and off for 20 years, along with some lock-picking.

My background includes 10+yrs work applying artificial intelligence to industrial problems [1], blogging and running the £5 App event.

Barney Livingston

Barney's main areas of interest are photography (old and new), sensors, microcontrollers and computers (old and new). Barney is another of the directors of BuildBrighton Limited.

James Grant

James wasn't introduced to a soldering iron until he was in his teens. Since the end of his GCSEs he hasn't really used one much either. But starting in 2008 he found an interest in it again and has since been dabbling in home automation and environmental sensing.

Anna Dumitriu

Anna Dumitriu is visual artist whose work is involved with DIYbio and hardware hacking techniques. Her installations, interventions and performances use a range of digital, biological and traditional media including live bacteria, interactive media and textiles.

She is known for her work as director of The Institute of Unnecessary Research, a group of artists and scientists whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries and critiques contemporary research practice.

Jason Hotchkiss

I'm a code monkey working in the travel industry. In my spare time I like making music/wierd noises. I've been messing with MIDI devices and controllers, analog synthesisers, noise boxes, tesla coils, random music (using lava lamps, web cams and suchlike), laser projectors and persistence-of-vision moving LED displays.

Philip Cunningham

Philip is a musician, composer and programmer. He loves Pure Data, Processing and OpenFrameworks. He's also a bit of a synth geek and always looking to tinker with hardware.

Tom Warner

I am a Ruby developer and guitarist/bassist who is fairly new to this hacking lark. Ultimately interested in building my own guitar amplifiers/pedals but currently wise enough to keep a safe distance from anything deadly. Thus, working my way through various digital electronics projects until I get the skills.