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The Build Brighton Shop is open!

We're slowly putting together a cache of components, tools, and suchlike for your purchasing pleasure. Members can to buy stuff at more or less cost (literally, to keep everything at round numbers!). We're happy of course to sell to guests at a small mark-up!

The idea behind the shop is to have a stock of equipment available that people may require on the day - kits for assembly, tools that you should own, Arduino kit, and so on. We're not doing mail-order, and if you have the time, you'll probably get a better price from the interwebs. Links are provided for that reason, we're not in this to make a bunch of cash!

If you wish to purchase anything, please see the keyholder for the evening - they have the keys to the shop as well as the Skiff. User:Mike is the current shopkeeper, so if you have any suggestions for extra stock, please see him, or just add to The Shop Wishlist.

Here's the stock list so far :

Quantity Cost (member) Cost (other) Description
3 £12 £14 URM37 ultrasonic sensor
4 £3.50 £4.50 Pack of 70 leads.
2 £25 £30 DFRoduino Mega (Arduino Mega clone)
2 £6 £7 Arduino Mega Shield kit
SOLD OUT! £22 £24 Arduino Duemilanove, 328 chip.
10 £1 £1.50 MIDI connector (male)
10 £1 £1.50 MIDI connector (female)
6 £6.50 £8 Farnell Tool Set (snips, pliers, wire stripper)
1 £15.50 £17 Tenma Manual Ranging Multimeter
5 £5.50 £6.50 Medium Breadboard
4 £3.50 £4.50 Small Breadboard
5 £8 £10 Rotary Encoder, for ThereThing?
10 £1 ea. £1.50 ea. Misc PC-board battery cases (AA, 2xAA)
100ish £0.15 ea. £0.25 ea. CR2032 Batteries
6 meters £0.50/m £1.00/m Conductive Thread - 234/34 4ply, priced per meter. For restock ask User:tub