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Put any tools you wish the hackspace had on this list please, and then discuss on the mailing list. The idea is to get priorities sorted, and get a pre-approved list of tools that the hackspace needs/wants, for when funds and donations become available.

Guide for Priority:

  • VITAL: The space is truly suffering due to not having this tool. We should be looking to buy this with space funds as soon as they are available.
  • HIGH: It's quite limiting we don't have one, but we can make do. Maybe a pledge run to acquire it, or space funds if we all agree?
  • MEDIUM: This tool could take the space in a new direction, enable new things, but otherwise we can cope without it.
  • LOW: Nice to have, but inessential. If approved, we'll accept a donation of this.

Guide for approval:

  • mention the tool on the mailing list. Ask for +1's/0/-1's. General positive consensus needed to approve.


Awaiting Approval

Decent Hoover

  • Priority: VITAL
  • Size: smallish
  • Require training: no
  • Cost: £100-300
  • Discussed via mail: not yet

Rigol Digital Oscilloscope

  • Priority: HIGH?
  • Size: Small.
  • Require safety training?: NO
  • Cost: £240 (DS1000E) to £600ish (DS2000)
  • Discussed by mail?: Not yet
  • Links: ds1000e ds2000
  • Area: Electronics

Logic Analyser

  • Priority: HIGH?
  • Size: Tiny
  • Require safety training?: NO
  • Cost: £140-£250
  • Links: Saleae Logic16
  • Notes: we had a Saleae Logic, was really good mainly due to Mac/Win/Linux client being excellent. Logic16 looks like a worthy successor.
  • Area: Electronics

Heavy Duty Milling Machine

  • Priority: MEDIUM?
  • Size: between 85x85x180cm(H) (large, bridgeport turret mill), to 60x60x60 (benchtop, warco style).
  • Requires safety training: YES
  • Cost: £500-£1500
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Area: by metalwork lathe.

Wood-working Lathe

  • Priority: MEDIUM? (metal-working lathe could be used to turn wood, but this would make it difficult to keep clean for turning metal)
  • Size: LARGE
  • Requires safety training: YES
  • Cost: ?
  • Discussed via mail: Yes but no decision made.
  • Area: Workshop.

Bootlace Ferrule Crimping Tool

Food Freezer

  • Priority: LOW
  • Size: 85cm x 60cm x 60cm (large)
  • Requires safety training?: No
  • Cost: Freecycle?
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Purpose: food freezing, ice cubes.
  • Area: Kitchen

Non Food Freezer

  • Priority: LOW
  • Size: 85cm x 60cm x 60cm (large)
  • Requires safety training?: YES - on what to store in there, not to use for food.
  • Cost: Freecycle?
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Purpose: ???
  • Area: Workshop?

Etch Tank Heater

  • Priority: ?
  • Size: Small
  • Require safety training?: basic etch precautions
  • Cost: £15-20
  • Links: ebay
  • Notes: Let's get a decent PCB etch setup!
  • Area: Electronics

Powder coating kit

  • Priority: ?
  • Size: Medium
  • Require safety training?: Probably (high voltage/inhalation hazards)
  • Cost: £138
  • Links:
  • Notes: Used for getting a good finish on metal project boxes, particular effects pedals and the like. A oven also needed to cure the powder (should not use in a food oven due to residues, but our SMT oven would work for small items). We'd also need to have our air compressor operational
  • Area: Workshop