Tool Wish List

Put any tools you wish the hackspace had on this list please, and then discuss on the mailing list. The idea is to get priorities sorted, and get a pre-approved list of tools that the hackspace needs/wants, for when funds and donations become available.

Guide for Priority:

  • VITAL: The space is truly suffering due to not having this tool. We should be looking to buy this with space funds as soon as they are available.
  • HIGH: It's quite limiting we don't have one, but we can make do. Maybe a pledge run to acquire it, or space funds if we all agree?
  • MEDIUM: This tool could take the space in a new direction, enable new things, but otherwise we can cope without it.
  • LOW: Nice to have, but inessential. If approved, we'll accept a donation of this.

Guide for approval:

  • mention the tool on the mailing list. Ask for +1's/0/-1's. General positive consensus needed to approve.



Awaiting Approval

Decent Hoover

  • Priority: VITAL
  • Size: smallish
  • Require training: no
  • Cost: £100-300
  • Discussed via mail: not yet

Rigol Digital Oscilloscope

  • Priority: HIGH?
  • Size: Small.
  • Require safety training?: NO
  • Cost: £240 (DS1000E) to £600ish (DS2000)
  • Discussed by mail?: Not yet
  • Links: ds1000e ds2000
  • Area: Electronics

Logic Analyser

  • Priority: HIGH?
  • Size: Tiny
  • Require safety training?: NO
  • Cost: £140-£250
  • Links: Saleae Logic16
  • Notes: we had a Saleae Logic, was really good mainly due to Mac/Win/Linux client being excellent. Logic16 looks like a worthy successor.
  • Area: Electronics

Heavy Duty Milling Machine

  • Priority: MEDIUM?
  • Size: between 85x85x180cm(H) (large, bridgeport turret mill), to 60x60x60 (benchtop, warco style).
  • Requires safety training: YES
  • Cost: £500-£1500
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Area: by metalwork lathe.

Wood-working Lathe

  • Priority: MEDIUM? (metal-working lathe could be used to turn wood, but this would make it difficult to keep clean for turning metal)
  • Size: LARGE
  • Requires safety training: YES
  • Cost: ?
  • Discussed via mail: Yes but no decision made.
  • Area: Workshop.

Bootlace Ferrule Crimping Tool

Food Freezer

  • Priority: LOW
  • Size: 85cm x 60cm x 60cm (large)
  • Requires safety training?: No
  • Cost: Freecycle?
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Purpose: food freezing, ice cubes.
  • Area: Kitchen

Non Food Freezer

  • Priority: LOW
  • Size: 85cm x 60cm x 60cm (large)
  • Requires safety training?: YES - on what to store in there, not to use for food.
  • Cost: Freecycle?
  • Discussed via mail: Not yet.
  • Purpose: ???
  • Area: Workshop?

Etch Tank Heater

  • Priority: ?
  • Size: Small
  • Require safety training?: basic etch precautions
  • Cost: £15-20
  • Links: ebay
  • Notes: Let's get a decent PCB etch setup!
  • Area: Electronics

Powder coating kit

  • Priority: ?
  • Size: Medium
  • Require safety training?: Probably (high voltage/inhalation hazards)
  • Cost: £138
  • Links:
  • Notes: Used for getting a good finish on metal project boxes, particular effects pedals and the like. A oven also needed to cure the powder (should not use in a food oven due to residues, but our SMT oven would work for small items). We'd also need to have our air compressor operational
  • Area: Workshop