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Hand Tools

Screw Drivers - Full sets of small and large screw drivers

Drill Bits - Metric wood and metal bits, Imperial metal bits (ideally full sets, but single bits are fine)

Saws - Jr hacksaw, Hacksaw x2, hacksaw blades, Coping saw

Files - Regular files, small files, needle files

Clamps - All kinds

Hammers - All kinds

Power Tools

Corded Electric Drill

Band Saw (with or without stand, good quality / brand only)

Circular Saw - with wood blade, circular saw blades

Bench Polisher - Spare polishing disks for bench polisher / grinder

Other Tools

Sewing Machine - and thread, materials

GBC A2 hot-roll laminator

PCB heated bubble etch tank (ideally 2 or 3 tank)

Knitting machine

Other Stuff

Industrial Racking - for workshop storage

chemicals and consumables

ferric Chloride crystals

1.6mm copper clad pcb - all sizes

Metal film & carbon resistors - on stripb / box / reel, not loose!

M3 machine screws, nuts, washers - all size