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Arduino Programming with Protosnap!

On Saturday March 24th, come learn just how easy it is to write code for the wonderful Arduino microprocessor environment. LEDs flash! Buzzers buzz!

This is a re-run of our sell-out Brighton Science Festival workshop, for those of you that missed out on tickets!

Details and tickets via http://arduino-mar-12.eventbrite.com

General Workshops

We run periodic public workshops on a variety of subjects, typically surrounding skill sharing by particular members.

Private workshops are often free for members - we typically rehearse new workshop content to members before the main event - but if you are a member and would a place on a public workshop please make it known to [email protected]

We use Eventbrite for booking workshops, please see our upcoming events page there for more information.

If would like to learn a specific skill related to engineering, design, electronics, or any other craft, please get in touch with [email protected] - we can often create a workshop to your needs, if there is sufficient demand.