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Making MIDI instruments with Arduino

Ever wanted to create your own musical instrument but don’t know where to start? MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) has been the standard method for electronic instruments to communicate with each other since the early eighties.

During this workshop you’ll learn what the MIDI command set is and how it is used to send and receive data between devices. We’ll be working with the popular Arduino platform, to make a digital musical instrument that can be amended to work with a variety of input and output methods.

You’ll learn to program the Arduino microcontroller to understand MIDI messages and create a device which can send data to “play” a midi synth as well as receive data from a midi instrument to make music!


Guitar Stomp Box Workshop

In this first workshop, we’ll be looking at basic electronics principles, de-mystifying how the electric guitar works and we’ll build a Fuzz Face style distortion pedal.

You’ll be selecting and soldering the component parts to a pre-etched PCB (printed circuit board). After testing that your effects circuit works, you’ll fit it inside your own “stomp box” enclosure (for the more adventurous, you can even use our fully-fitted workshop to embed the electronics behind your scratchplate!)

Working from the classic Fuzz Face design, you’ll be able to blend different capacitor and resistors in your circuit, to create your own, unique, personal sound and tone. Help will be on hand to make and customise your own enclosure and we’ll be there to offer advice on electronic instruments in general.

To round off the day, everyone is invited to join in with a jamming session at the end, where you can try out your new effects pedals and show off your licks!


General Workshops

We run periodic public workshops on a variety of subjects, typically surrounding skill sharing by particular members.

Private workshops are often free for members - we typically rehearse new workshop content to members before the main event - but if you are a member and would a place on a public workshop please make it known to [email protected]

We use Eventbrite for booking workshops, please see our upcoming events page there for more information.

If would like to learn a specific skill related to engineering, design, electronics, or any other craft, please get in touch with [email protected] - we can often create a workshop to your needs, if there is sufficient demand.