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About Me

Full Name: Jackie Wakely

Nickname: Cyberswitch

Nickname Origin: The name was chosen by my family.
They wanted to incorporate the internet & technology with my versatility with all arts & crafts.

Personal Information

Born: RSCH, Brighton, UK

Date of Birth:27th January 1973

Hobbies & Career:

I am an arts & crafts hobbyist (more details below).

I have worked in three different sectors, thus being: as a receptionist for a branch of FORD, where I also used to get my hands dirty under the bonnets in the MOT bays and repairs side of the company. I was brought up around 4 grease monkeys (namingly my father and 3 brothers) so learned one or two things, making this job extremely interesting.

I have also worked as an IT Manager - following my successful completion of my ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence). Were I liaised with the Computer technician, installed new software, re-installed, taught others to use the computers and software etc.

Then, ditching the 'desk job' I changed direction and worked as a carer, support worker and deputy manager of a rest home - far too stressful but I did pick up some key skills in heath and social care - such as manicures, facial massage & foot massage, counselling and psychology - don't worry, I won't psycho-analyse you (unless you want me to)

I am happily married to Rev Neil, with two children - Rev Dave & Dean, 4 guinea pigs & a dog - Storm (whom a lot of you have met, as she goes almost everywhere with me).


ECDL - European Computer Driving License
diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in Health & Social Care
First Aid
Manual Handling

On top of these;
A working understanding of Mental Health.

A keen interest in Human Rights & Rights of the Disabled


I enjoy baking cakes, such as traditional bread pudding, bread and butter pudding, spotted dick. I also enjoy making more 'modern' cakes, and would love to get into fancy baking. I am intrigued by the idea of food hacking and would love to learn more.


I have been a keen knitter for 31 years, and am currently working on a loop knitting project.


I love cross-stitch and am planning on making a BuildBrighton cross stitch to brighten up the sofa and arm chair at the space.


Whilst I own a sewing machine and know the basics, I would love to learn more. Bearing this in mind I have bought a few patterns with a view to making clothes - after all, how hard can it be? I'd welcome any hints & tips though :)

Latch Hook Rug Making

With the social area in mind, I will be working on a BuildBrighton wool rug for the social area - to make it feel more 'homely'.


I'm not into fighting games but I love building. I love Pharaoh, Caesar and games like that. I also play the Sims now and again. Mahjong, free hearts and Solitaire are another of my favourites. I'm looking forward to the board game evenings that are being set up at the space.

Arts & Crafts Luncheon

I will be running arts & crafts days - during the day at the space for those that want to come along, let their imagine run wild and enjoy a cuppa and lunch.

I am currently working on Christmas trees made out of magazines - you may notice them hung up around the space - which Rev Neil will be incorporating some LED lighting in to give them just a little extra sparkle ;)


I love most genres - as long as its a tune and I can work out the words!


I will be giving the bistro table at the space a new lease of life - I will turn it into a mosaic - naturally with the BuildBrighton logo included.

Dolls Houses

I have in the past revamped old dolls houses and made furniture and soft furnishings for each room. Unfortunately, I cannot find the disc with the photos on at present, but will upload them once they emerge. I have 2 more dolls houses to do up at home, I'm hoping to get on with these soon. This is another project I will be doing with Rev Neil - he will be doing the electrics for me.


I am fascinated with pottery, and will be learning to do a bit of pottery throwing soon. If anyone does/has done pottery or knows of anyone that is or has, I'd love to hear from them.


I have just ventured into jewellery making. I have made a few pairs of earrings and necklaces. This is another place I use paper beads, coating them in diamond glaze to make them hard-wearing. I'd love to learn the art of making glass beads.